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In good hair we trust

National Blowout Day & National Hair Day are not just about your hair. They are about feeling amazing in your own skin.

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We believe confidence is beautiful.

And there is nothing more confidence boosting than a great hair day!

We came together as beauty pros, brands and enthusiasts because we believe that it’s important to help those who may not be feeling their most confident get back to feeling beautiful every day. Whether due to injury, illness or something else, we want women everywhere to feel great no matter what.

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national blowout day

— July 28th —


National Blowout Day celebrates that amazing fresh-out-of-the-salon feeling. There isn’t anything better, is there?

This year, we have partnered with some of the biggest names in beauty to benefit Look Good, Feel Better which provides resources, support, education and days of pampering for women going through Cancer treatment.

Unfortunately, all of us have experienced the “C” word (aka Cancer) in some way. It’s not fair and we know how hard treatment can be on the body - especially when it comes to losing your hair. As women, emotionally and culturally, our hair is a part of our identity so when it’s gone, it can leave us feeling vulnerable, self conscious and naked. Join us from July 28th until October 1st as we raise money for charity, host pop-ups and more!



Do you know a woman who has gone through (or is going through) Cancer treatment?

We are giving three women full celeb-worthy hair makeovers! Whether we will be fitting a new wig, styling new hair growth or adding some fun new colors, we’re here to grant our winners’ every hair!

Nominate a deserving woman in your life and sign up for the product giveaway below.


national HAIR day

— October 1 —


Hair doesn’t discriminate & Neither do we

Our hairstyles and preferences are as unique as we are, we’re here to celebrate all the things & have some serious fun in the process.

More partners will be announced soon, sign up to be notified, get exciting new offers and be invited to our exclusive beauty events!